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Find out what the world’s first fan-less data center can do for you!

What Makes Midas Different?
While others make nominal improvements in energy efficiency by making complex, expensive tweaks to their conventional air-cooled data centers, the experienced team at Midas Green Tech chose a radically different and efficient solution. Instead of using air as our cooling medium, we immerse our servers in non-toxic dielectric oil that is 1200 times more effective at whisking away heat.

We didn't decide to use immersion cooling to be different, we did it because it works extremely well.
Improved Reliability
Our immersion technology largely eliminates the temperature swings that can lead to processor and electronics failures. We also eliminate micro-arcing as a concern, since there is no dust in our oil environment.
Improved Performance
The improved heat dissipation of our immersion technology allows us to operate cutting-edge, higher powered servers comfortably.
Our data center draws much less power and consequently has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional data centers.
Midas Green Tech offers our customers improved availability, high performance servers and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional data centers without a price premium for the added benefits.